The State of SEO in 2012

September 24, 2012 | By More

Many things have changed in the Search Industry and in our profession as SEOs:

  • Panda got global (ruining half the world’s vacations last August), and actually, we are at its release 3.7;
  • A Penguin has been unleashed free to kill any site with an over optimized link profile;
  • Google decided that only keywords referrals from organic searches were private;
  • Google started an aggressive monetization policy in strong industries’ verticals (Flight, Hotels, Cars…), making even thinner the presence of organic results above the fold;
  • The Knowledge Graph had been released;
  • Google+, with some hiccups, has started having some traction and surely an increasing importance from an SEO point of view;
  • We all started talking about Author Rank;
  • And we are still discussing about the relevance of Social Graph in the SERPs;
  • Bing has improved its pro SEOs policy considerably;
  • Mobile and its importance also for SEO is not a niche for fews early adopters anymore.

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