Weather Stations Drive Web Traffic

May 15, 2009 | By More

In our hometown of Pismo Beach our local weather was being represented by an airport 12 miles away and other a mountain range. Pacific Leisure set up up a Davis Weather Station in downtown Pismo Beach. This station is capable of uploading the current weather condition to a website every 5 minutes. We integrated the weather into the city’s tourism website – Some of the weather data was formatted into a Java Weather Ticker that is easily incorporated into third party websites. NOAA has come out and sanctioned the weather station.

Pacific Leisure went on the create in an attempt to make weather data easy to embed into websites and digital signs.

The Pismo Beach weather ticker had almost 2 million page views in 2008, while the weather station itself logged over 200,000 page views. Not a bad way to drive some traffic to a website!

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