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June 2, 2009 | By More

Below is some interesting info for those of you that we have talked to about getting involved with Social Networking. For our clients that we have already gotten into social networking ( Twitter, FaceBook etc), you a right on target according to this article. We continue to design, monitor and maintain several social networks for our clients.
If you are not using Social Media yet, we will be happy to assist you.

By Erik Qualman June 1, 2009
“Social media has overtaken pornography as the number one online activity, according to Hitwise data. FaceBook added 100 million users in less than a year to top the 200 million user mark. If Facebook were a country, it would overtake Indonesia as the fourth largest country in the world by September at this pace.

“Marketers’ jobs have changed from creating and pushing to one that requires listening, engaging, and reacting to potential and current customer needs.”

“Social media’s growth is now being aided by the Baby Boomer generation.” “Heck, even the Pope has joined Facebook, launching a social media connection site.”
“The social graph is the world’s largest and most powerful referral program.”
The overall achievement of individuals and companies will be largely dependent on their social media success.”
( For those of you that use FaceBook, the ” Poke” Comment below will make sense.)
“If you stumble along the way, who knows, in the coming days you just might be able to “poke” God for advice.”

Erik Qualman May 18
” I”t’s all about the economy, stupid. No, it’s all about a people-driven economy, stupid. Whether you are a businessman or a high school student, social media transforms the way that you live and do business. My 84-year-old grandfather understands this and signed up for his Facebook account (unsolicited, I’m still waiting for him to friend me).
As an individual in this day and age, you need to live your life as if your mother is watching, because she probably is. After all, the growth in usage of social media is highest for adults older than forty years of age (or 84 for that matter).”

About Erik…
Erik Qualman is the Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education, headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. EF Education is the world’s largest private educator (Student Tours, Language Schools, Smithsonian, Hult MBA School, Au Pair Exchange, Student Exchange, etc.). Qualman works out of the 850 person Cambridge, Massachusetts office.
Prior to joining EF Education, Qualman helped grow the marketing and eBusiness functions of Cadillac & Pontiac (1994-97), BellSouth (1998-2000), Yahoo (2000-03), EarthLink (2003-05) and Travelzoo (2005-08).
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